Forest and Fields Honey

Honeyland Forest and Field Honeys are gathered from a wealth of nectar sources, ranging from the diverse flowering trees in New Zealand’s native hill-country forests, to the extensive pastoral farming lands, renowned for their agricultural produce. Our Forest and Field Honeys harvest the highest quality multifloral honeys, reflecting a strong connection with their unique floral sources. Forest honeys are darker in colour and rich in flavour.  Field honeys are delicate and fine. In order to make these forest and field honeys, we start the process with 50% of the monofloral honey, and to this is added the remaining 50% of other, non specified forest and field honeys, much of which has been mixed by the bees in the wild. (Of course, the bees are not always visiting the same flowers.)

Forest Honey with Manuka

This Forest honey, which contains no less than 50% Manuka honey, is rich in taste. It features the complex flavour of wild New Zealand forest flowers, and the distinctive after-taste of honey from the tiny white flowers of the Manuka shrub. This is a honey to be enjoyed daily with the knowledge that it has special  properties.

Forest Honey with Rewarewa

This Forest honey, which contains no less than 50% Rewarewa honey, is warm in colour and flavour. It reflects the diversity of floral sources found in the rainforests of New Zealand and is characterised by a subtle red glow that comes from the red-tinged flowers of the majestic Rewarewa tree.

Field Honey with Clover

This Field honey, which contains no less than 50% Clover honey, is famous for its light colour and clean, delicate sweetness.  This is the traditional honey of New Zealand, collected from New Zealand’s agricultural farmlands that are covered with pink and white Clover flowers in Summer.